Starting today, I want you to realize…

No one will take care of you as well as you can take care of yourself.

Wall Street won't take care of your money. Big Pharma won't take care of your health. And the government won't take care of your retirement.

That's why I'm here.

Hi, I'm Dr. David Eifrig. Most folks call me Doc.

I've had a varied career... starting off on the trading desk at major Wall Street investment banks. After a decade of trading, I chose my "first retirement" and quit Wall Street... going back to school and becoming an eye surgeon. Then I decided to retire again.

Now, I'm on my third career as an analyst one of the largest independent financial publishers in the world.

I've spent nearly a decade using my knowledge to teach people key concepts about health and wealth... concepts they likely wouldn't hear about from their stockbroker or doctor.

In 2015, we launched Health & Wealth Bulletin.

Since then, I've shared hundreds of ways to take control of your health and wealth.

And I've experienced more than my share of controversy over the years.

I've been on the leading edge of reporting new discoveries like…

  • Immunotherapy,
  • The negative effects of BPA,
  • Why cholesterol doesn't give you heart disease,
  • The dangers of triclosan in hand soaps all over the country,
  • And much more.

I also told readers the H5N1 flu stuff and the Ebola craziness was absurd... long before anyone else...

I recommended municipal bonds when they were one of the most hated investments on Wall Street. But my readers have collected steady income and seen easy, and safe, double-digit gains.

I was bullish on the U.S. economy while many were calling for a collapse. And since then, the stock market continues to hit new highs. 

The mainstream press is virtually forbidden from mentioning many of these concepts.

Huge corporate interests and corrupt government institutions would rather people didn't know about them... The more ignorant the people are, the better for many government and corporate interests. This keeps them dependent. It keeps the "nanny state" alive.

That's why I spend my days uncovering the truth and sharing it with readers. And this is just some of the feedback we've gotten:

"It's high time that I let you know how much I appreciate Health & Wealth Bulletin. I look forward to reading it and never delete it without reading (I delete lots of other stuff without reading).

I'd say your sense of what to include is spot on – at least for me. Quite a wide variety of interesting stuff. I like the research based medical advice, both in the Retirement Millionaire and Health & Wealth Bulletin. I tell people that I get medical advice from my financial advisor." – A.R.

"I have used your tips on everything from health tips to tips for getting silver free from banks. Many tips I found very useful came from your book on the Doctor's Protocol as well. I've never been a coffee drinker but am seriously considering becoming one after your advice about the benefits of coffee. I've been receiving your monthly newsletter for a while now, and I appreciate the health tips as well as the financial tips, because if you do not have your health, what good is money?" – K.J.

Health & Wealth Bulletin is your free guidebook to intriguing health and wealth ideas... and how to live a "millionaire lifestyle" on far, far less than you can imagine.

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Here's to our health, wealth, and a great retirement,
Dr. David Eifrig Jr., MD, MBA