Stansberry Research's First-Ever Cancer Briefing

Plus: The New Cancer Breakthrough that Could Make You up to 500% Gains and Improve Cancer Treatment for 800,000 Americans Per Year

"We'll tell you what your doctor can't."
With Dave Lashmet, Stansberry Venture Technology
And. Dr. David Eifrig, Jr, MD, MBA, Retirement Millionaire

Wednesday, November 15th

  • 8:00PM - 9:30PM Eastern (New York)
  • 5:00PM - 6:30PM Pacific (Los Angeles)


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Dear Reader,

On November 15th, we're holding a live event unlike any other in the history of our firm.

We're taking on cancer.

By the end of the night, you'll learn about a breakthrough that will not only destroy any cancer you or a family member may one day face, but could make you a fortune on a single investment in the little-known company behind it.

Our two medical experts will join us, Dave Lashmet and Dr. David Eifrig.

Dave Lashmet

For his first-ever live briefing, Dave Lashmet is flying in from his home off the coast of Seattle to make a massive prediction about the future of cancer. Dave is one of our most successful analysts, with 331% gains on ID Biomedical (IDBE:US)... one of the Top 10 Stocks in the Stansberry Hall of Fame. Dave researched biotechnology at five major universities: Michigan State, Berkeley, Florida, Minnesota and Regensburg – one of Germany's top schools. He worked for a military think tank who had contracts with NATO, the Royal Navy, and the Royal Air Force... Dave has found eight 100% winners in Stansberry Venture Technology some of which are still open recommendations, and climbing... but predicts the company he'll reveal on November 15th should rise at least 200% to 300%, beginning this year.  As Porter Stansberry wrote in his annual report card, "I can't recall ever seeing an investor in these kinds of ventures produce anything like this "hit rate." This track record isn't luck. It's a testimony to Dave's incredible work ethic and talent."

David "Doc" Eifrig

David "Doc" Eifrig is our on-staff medical doctor. He graduated with honors from UNC Chapel Hill in 2001 as the president of his class. Doc was a research fellow in molecular biology at Duke University and a resident at the Medical College of Georgia. His research has been published in the scientific journals Molecular Vision and Ophthalmology. Doc and his team have put together a free comprehensive e-book you'll receive about what to do if you or someone you love ever receives a cancer diagnosis. The e-book includes what questions to ask... where to go for treatment... and what you can do to immediately increase your chances of survival. Doc has generously agreed to give away a free copy to you, when you attend our live event on November 15th.

On November 15th, we're going to explore the current state of cancer medicine...

We'll tell you exactly what to do if you or a family member ever receives a cancer diagnosis... PLUS, we'll reveal the new cancer breakthrough that could soon be a staple in every U.S. hospital.

Dave Lashmet predicts you could quickly double or triple your money on an early investment now.

In fact, Dave – who's been studying cancer research for 20 years – says this breakthrough is unlike anything he's ever seen.

It will change the future of cancer treatment...

Better yet, the radical company behind this technology could make smart investors a fortune when the story finally goes mainstream, beginning this year.

Right now, you can't find this story anywhere in the mainstream press...

Not in the Wall Street Journal, or the Financial Times. It's not on CNBC, it's not in Wired and it's not even in the New England Journal of Medicine.

We're breaking the news to the public on November 15th...

This is a company very few American investors have ever heard of, with three major FDA approved products, and over $1 billion of sales.

But it's their latest discovery that Dave predicts will revolutionize cancer medicine, and send the stock soaring.

This company's breakthrough is so powerful and unique, Dave says it's going to dominate its market.

The last time Dave Lashmet found a company like this was Intuitive Surgical (whose stock has since shot up 2,000% since he first recommended it).

You see, monopolies turn into cash machines when customers need a product.

And in this case, the company Dave's recommending has a likely monopoly on what many are calling the biggest breakthrough in cancer treatment in the past 100 years.

  • Just imagine buying Microsoft (MSFT) at $1 billion in sales. It's up 20,000% since then.
  • Imagine buying Intel (INTC) at $1 billion in sales. It's up more than 12,000% since then.
  • Or imagine buying Amazon (AMZN) at $1 billion in sales. It's up 1,600% since then.

Today, you have the same opportunity... in the field of cancer treatment.

In short, one company owns the patents to the world's most powerful and proven new cancer breakthrough.

And as you know, once you have a patent... you essentially have a legal monopoly... which often amounts to a fortune in the world of biotech.

For example, all blockbuster drugs are pretty much monopolies...

  • Like Amgen's Epogen, the first biotech drug, protected by one patent. The stock is up more than 16,000% since approval.
  • Roche's Herceptin is now an $6.5 billion drug, protected by one patent.
  • And Pfizer's Lipitor, protected by one patent, holds the record for one of the highest grossing drugs of all time.

Bottom-line: Patents = Huge Potential Gains in the Biotech World.

And on November 15th, we'll tell you about the company that owns all the patents for what could soon be the gold standard of cancer treatment in America.

Even better... the breakthrough has been predicted to be approved for global regulatory approval in a matter of weeks.

Once it's approved it'll be too late to invest.

This will be front page news soon.

In other words, you must buy this stock now.

We'll tell you how, during our live event on November 15th at 8:00 pm EST.

And even if you choose to ignore the investment opportunity... this breakthrough is a lot more important than just money.

You see – for years, we've discussed cancer in investment terms only.

But as you'll see, this story is a lot bigger than that.

Just imagine losing a loved one who could have been helped by a treatment your doctor didn't know about yet. What we'll tell you about Wednesday night will give you the best shot at making sure that NEVER happens.

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Jared Kelly
Managing Director and Host, "The Stansberry Research Cancer Summit"

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