Stansberry Research's First-Ever Bitcoin Event

A Little-Known Way This New Asset Class Could Make You 10- to 50-Times Your Money

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Porter Stansberry, Founder of Stansberry Research

Along with special guests:

  • Tama Churchouse, Lead Analyst at Stansberry Churchouse Research, based in Hong Kong. Tama is a Bitcoin investor and one of just 500 other people in the world with access to the technique we're sharing with you. He sits on the Board of Directors of the company that launched the most successful cryptocurrency distribution in history.
  • Secret Guest, Multimillionaire Bitcoin investor and CEO of blockchain company that has generated nearly half a billion dollars in revenue in just 3 months.
  • Jared Kelly, Host

A live event during which Stansberry Research will – for the first time ever – share our thoughts on Bitcoin, along with a proven technique that could potentially make you 10- to 50-times your money on this new asset class, every single month.


These new assets are the highest-performing investments so far this year, beating stocks, bonds, real estate, and gold. The boom is only just beginning. And if you position yourself correctly, you could make a fortune.


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Dear Reader,

It's no secret that Bitcoin and dozens of other cryptocurrencies are soaring right now...

For example:

  • Bitcoin is up 496% this year
  • Ethereum is up 4,169% this year
  • Sprouts recently shot up 15,595% in 1 week
  • Xenixcoin recently shot up 34,763% in 1 week, and
  • In 2015, Dashcoin shot up a mind-boggling 1,040,346% in just 1 week.

A mere $100 investment in each of these would have made you a $1.1 million profit, this year alone.

Chances are, you have a lot of questions...

For example:

  • How do you buy these new investment vehicles?
  • Is now a good time to get in?
  • Are cryptocurrencies safe?
  • Is this a bubble just like Internet stocks in the 90s?

Frankly, our inboxes have been flooded with questions like this, all asking: What's the best way to cash in on the ongoing Bitcoin boom?

That's why we're holding a FIRST-EVER Live Bitcoin Event, featuring an extended Q&A session, on the night of October 18th.

Stansberry Research founder, Porter Stansberry, will sit down with you — live — at 8PM Eastern Time... along with two of his colleagues, who also happen to be among the most successful cryptocurrency experts in the world... to tell you everything you need to know, and answer any questions you may have about this investment opportunity.

During this live event — which you're invited to attend — Porter will:

  • Walk you through the specific reason his opinion on Bitcoin has changed in recent months.
  • Explain why he believes the technology behind Bitcoin may be the biggest threat facing central bankers today.
  • And bring his unique perspective to this important topic.

Whether you already own Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency...

Or whether you're interested in buying some...

You don't want to miss this live event, where Stansberry Research will finally step forward... and share exclusive new Bitcoin research that could change the way you think about money.

No matter what your opinion of Bitcoin today, I guarantee you will walk away from this live event with a totally different outlook on this popular new asset.

Maybe you'll decide to buy some Bitcoin...

Or maybe you'll choose to speculate on one of the little-known new cryptos that have shot up 1,000% or more recently, using the technique we'll share with you live.

(In fact, one of our special guests recently made 39 times his money in 5 months using this secret.)

Or maybe you'll realize these new assets aren't right for you after all...

Either way, I promise: You'll hear the Bitcoin story nobody's telling right now... and receive all of the information you need to make a decision on whether or not you're ready to jump in on this trend, along with the best way to profit.

Remember: Our live Bitcoin event is completely free to attend...

But a reservation is required.

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And frankly, here's why this event is so important... and could go down as one of our biggest live events — ever.

During this event:

  • Porter will speak with two of the world's leading Bitcoin experts, who will fly sixteen hours from Hong Kong to join us in Baltimore for this live event, and share their technique with you.
  • Tama Churchouse. Tama is currently the lead analyst at Stansberry Churchouse Research, based in Hong Kong. He also sits on the board of directors of a company that launched the most successful cryptocurrency distribution in history.
  • After 6 years as a Vice President at JP Morgan, he left it all behind to penetrate a little-known group of Bitcoin multimillionaires and programmers involved in building and investing in the most exciting new digital currencies. As a result, he recently made 3,888% gains on Ethereum in 5 months... 640% gains on BitShares in just one month... 307% gains on Monero in 3 months... and more.
  • For the first time ever, he'll show you exactly how he's been making these huge gains, and how you can do the same... no matter what your background.

And it gets even better...

During our first-ever, LIVE Bitcoin Event, you'll also hear from:

    • A Secret Guest. This guy is a world-renowned cryptocurrency expert and insider. He was an early Bitcoin investor, and—get this—founded and sold his first multimillion-dollar company when he was a teenager. His recent crypto launch generated nearly $200 million revenue in just 5 days... and is among the most successful ICOs ever.

The discussion will begin at 8PM sharp on October 18th.

All you have to do to take part is tune in to this event from any computer on October 18th at 8 PM Eastern Time.

But first, you must reserve your spot:

See you on October 18th,

Jared Kelly

Host, Stansberry's First-Ever Bitcoin Event

P.S. The ONLY way to get the full details of what Porter thinks about Bitcoin—and get your questions answered—is to tune in live.

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