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Tuesday, August 14th

You Can’t Afford to “Sit This One Out”

Porter will reveal a crucial mistake that many of our readers are making in today’s uncertain – and potentially dangerous – market.

And he’ll share the #1 step he recommends you take right now to prepare for what comes next, no matter where stocks go from here. (Plus, a surefire way to save tens of thousands on the research you know and trust.)

Find out how to get all of the tools you’ll need to tackle the volatile months ahead.

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Tuesday, August 14th at 8:00 PM

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Dear Reader,

What are you doing with your money right now? Not this year, or even this month… but right now?

People tend to ignore their finances around this time of year.

Like the old saying goes: They “sell in May and go away.”

So if you’re at all “checked-out,” we don’t blame you. Most of us would rather be traveling… fishing… and spending time with our families than glued to a computer screen this time of year.

But the truth is: The choices you make right now are going to determine how your next 12 months in the market play out.

And frankly, we are in uncharted waters.

Student loan debt is now $1.5 trillion and counting…

Credit card debt and auto-loan debt combined have topped $2.2 trillion…

The biggest trade-war we’ve seen since the 1930s has taken effect…

Geopolitical tensions with China, the U.S., Russia, and the Middle East are simmering…

Prominent candidates for President are recommending a Debt Jubilee for students (to start) … Medicare for all… and even Universal Basic Income

And U.S. corporate debt as a percentage of GDP is at record highs of more than 45%.

So what should you do next?

Find out, during what could be the most lucrative hour of your summer.

It could save you tens of thousands over the next few years – plus it could simplify your financial life… and help you prepare and profit, no matter what happens in the markets.

On Tuesday night, you’ll hear from Porter, Doc, Dr. Richard Smith, and other Stansberry insiders – including our CEO, Mark Arnold.

We’re going to touch on a number of your most pressing questions.

Is a Melt Up really on the horizon? Or a Melt Down?

Should you still be buying stocks?

Are high yield bonds a better choice?

What’s up with gold? (Porter will even share his personal gold strategy.)

Is it finally time to look for reliable, safe income plays?

Should you be using options to hedge your portfolio?

They’ll share what they’re most excited about right now – and where they’d put their money if they were in your shoes.

That way, you can focus on what matters most.

And you’ll be prepared for just about any situation in the markets.

We do our best to provide our readers with unique and nearly unlimited investing ideas – so you’re armed and ready for anything the market throws at you.

But it goes without saying that it’s hard to read  – let alone act on – everything we publish.

So Porter has devised a strategy that will help give you access to all of our most important, high-conviction ideas and save you thousands of dollars in the uncertain months ahead.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Porter will reveal his number-one investing strategy you need to start using TODAY if you want to start saving thousands this year. (The answer will probably surprise you.)
  2. You’ll learn precisely WHICH newsletters and ideas Porter, Doc, and Richard Smith would put their money into right now – and how that might change when the market finally turns south.
  3. You’ll also get to see what your fellow readers think – and have the chance to win one of our incredible giveaways, valued at $5,000.

And to top it all off, we’re going to make you a fantastic offer.

Of course, there’s no obligation to buy anything.

But if you’re a true fan of our research – I think you’re going to be floored when you hear what Porter has to share.

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We’ll announce the lucky winners on Tuesday night.

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See you Tuesday night,
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